PEO/Staff Leasing,Recruitment and Payroll Sales Director-TheHeadHunter Albania

PEO/Staff Leasing, Recruitment and Payroll Sales Director – The HeadHunter Albania!

One of the major jobs of a PEO/Staff Leasing, Recruitment and Payroll Sales Director is to partner with the client company and make an assessment of the services they need. In this way, the experts who are employed by the “The Headhunter Albania” can operate efficiently and can provide clients with exactly the services required to keep their business running smoothly.
Services Offered by The HeadHunter Group:
As a Staff Leasing and Recruitment with an International network, The Headhunter Albania can find the perfect candidates to match clients’ needs. Services provided by our company include the following:

  • Recruitment assistance
  • Payroll management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Compliance with local and international employment law
  • Provision of employee benefits packages

The role of a Sales Director is to create a work plan for The HeadHunter Albania that emphasizes the services needed by the client companies. But at The Headhunter Albania, we go a step further. Unlike some other companies in Albania we stay with business owners throughout the duration of their company’s relationship with our company. This allows us to check in regularly and iron out any issues that may arise.
Our attention to detail has led to industry-leading statistics. In recent surveys, our client businesses all say that they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with our services. We also have an outstanding 98% client retention rate!

In the position of The HeadHunter Group’s CEO, me, Elton ILIRJANI, and in contrary of the market’s old fashioned Job Descriptions, I call all candidates that fully understand the above written paragraph to apply for this important role in our local company, Tirana, ALBANIA.

Please send a resume, a cover letter explaining why you think you can take over this task and your ambition for the future! Hit me within June 15th 2021 We will enjoy a virtual interview from Rockefeller Plaza, New York, United States of America!

Please be informed that only the candidates selected for the interviews shall be contacted. Name your CV in the following format (name [space] surname [space] CV). Be easily recognized!

*Të gjitha aplikimet do të trajtohen me konfidencialitet të plotë sipas ligjit Nr .9887 vendosur nga Kuvendi i Shqipërisë për “Mbrojtjen e të Dhënave Personale” i datës 10.03.2008.

*The personal information that you put in your application will be protected and used only for recruitment purposes, based on the applicable law on personal data protection Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008.

*Ai sensi del Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali N.9887 del 10.03.2008, tutti i CV inviati alla nostra azienda sono trattati e conservati nella massima riservatezza.