If you are sorting through a big number of resumes (CV-s) from job seekers who do not meet your requirements, you are spending too much TIME, ENERGY and MONEY.


The HeadHunter gives you direct access to top-best, fully screened and ideally qualified candidates in every industry and at every level.

It is less time consuming, more cost effective and the most successful way to hire the right people for the job and for your company.

We have the expertise to find and deliver talented candidates with the right skills and experience for your permanent positions.

We offer a combined recruitment process that consists of the usage of headhunting, our company’s Talent Agent Network, advertised search and database search.

Recruitment process

• Assignment analysis and description. Each recruitment assignment starts with a situation analysis of the company’s business, competitors, culture, expectations, job descriptions and assigned candidate profile. This will be made together with the client and we compile an assignment description, which is between 3-5 pages in length and includes information about the company, task, and the search profile. This will be used to get candidate’s attention and support information given by phone or sent by e-mail. At this stage, we will also decide on which markets the assignment will be performed.

• Searching the candidates that fit the job descriptions using the variety of methods.

• Interviewing the candidates, reference checking, commitment, motivation, evaluation, testing (optional).

• Presenting candidates to the client, together with short videos from candidate interviews (optional, if candidates live abroad).

• Setting up second interviews with the relevant person in charge.
• Introducing the job offer to the candidate and signing the employment contract.

• In the year following the recruitment, we will be in contact with you and the candidate in order to discuss the development of the employment. We also measure our Service Quality from our Clients in each recruitment, through a quality feedback questionnaire.