IT careers: 10 most in-demand IT jobs now

What IT jobs are in demand, even during the pandemic? What industries have to move quickly to ramp up new applications and capabilities? Here’s data and advice from recruiters. The IT job roles most in demand aren’t quite what they were a few months ago. Still, people who position themselves properly can find jobs now, recruiters say. The shape of the IT job market is changing not only because of the pandemic (and the stay-at-home orders that accompanied it), but also because of seismic changes in the economy.

Top 10 IT jobs at the moment are:

1.  Software developer: 36 percent

2. Network engineer: 17 percent

3. Systems engineer: 8 percent

4. Senior software developer: 23 percent

5. Java developer: 52 percent

6. Software QA engineer: 26 percent

7. IT project manager: 28 percent

8. Application developer: 19 percent

9. Computer support specialist: 27 percent

10. Business analyst: 24 percent

This same survey shows trends in IT job postings and how they changed between February and March, for example, with about a 20 percent surge in demand for cybersecurity engineers but a drop in demand for front end development skills associated with developing and designing websites. DevOps engineer postings also rose, by six percent, in the same timeframe.

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