If you are sorting through a big number of resumes (CV-s) from job seekers who do not meet your requirements, you are spending too much TIME, ENERGY and MONEY.


The HeadHunter gives you direct access to top-best, fully screened and ideally qualified candidates in every industry and at every level.

For our clients needing assistance finding, choosing, and on- boarding the right people to integrate into your company, The Headhunter is able to take on this often difficult, time-consuming task on your behalf. Using a combination of best practices in human resources, recruitment, as well as a deep understanding of your company’s needs, The Headhunter will identify and propose candidates for your company. They will be ready to start performing immediately!

The Headhunter understands that the success of every business is based on its human resources, and places the utmost priority on the recruitment of quality, skilled candidates who can easily integrate and contribute to your company’s success.

We have the expertise to find and deliver talented candidates with the right skills and experience for your permanent positions.

By offering a combined recruitment process that consists of the usage of headhunting, our company’s Talent Agent Network, advertised search and database search.

Recruitment Process

The Headhunter uses a number of sources to target and recruit potential candidates including: headhunting techniques, advertisement, database searches, referrals. We rely upon our own in-house job boards, job-seeker profiles, and the company’s own Talent Agent Network.

Assignment analysis and description – Each recruitment assignment starts with a situation analysis of the company’s business, competitors, culture, expectations, job descriptions and assigned candidate profile. This will be made together with the client and we compile an assignment description, which is between 3-5 pages in length and includes information about the company, task, and the search profile. This will be used to get candidate’s attention and support information given by phone or sent by e-mail. At this stage, we will also decide on which markets the assignment will be performed.

Searching process – Searching the candidates that fit the job descriptions using our recruitment methods. The candidate search will occur only after a targeting plan is developed by The Headhunter’s recruitment specialists.

Interviewing process – Selecting the candidate through interviews, understanding their commitment and motivation, conducting reference checks, and evaluating candidates against your desired profile. Psychological testing is also available as an optional service.

Candidate presentation – Presenting candidates to the client, together with short videos from candidate interviews (optional, if candidates live abroad).

Interview set up – Setting up second interviews with the client.

Job offer – Introducing the job offer to the candidate and signing the employment contract.

Follow up – In the year following the recruitment, we will be in contact with you and the candidate in order to discuss the development of the employment. We also measure our Service Quality from our Clients in each recruitment, through a quality feedback questionnaire.