Ymerali: Steps to avoid contract “surprises”

Invited in the morning show “Wake up” in Top Channel, The Headhunter Co-CEO, Eranda Ymerali talked about reading or not reading job contracts from employees or employers.
The TV show hosts put the emphasis on the fact that nowadays there is a decrease in the attention paid to what is being signed and in most of the time contracts aren’t read.

About this phenomenon, Ymerali emphasized that: The candidates appreciate the good news, but forget about the rest of the things. They must keep in mind that by acting this way the enthusiasm might be over soon and things might not always be the way they started.
To avoid any unpleasant unexpected situation, Ymerali advised that “When someone is informed that they got a job, the parties should at least sit and spend at least 15 minutes together. So, if one should read a spacious contract that reflects the work code in detail, such thing doesn’t take longer than that.

You can ask your employer question about unclear issues, continued Ymerali. The main article is the one about the salary and the employee has the tendency to pay attention to the salary and ignore the other parts. But there are other details one should be careful with, if personal data are correct or not. We must have the personal number as an identification number, which doesn’t change, meanwhile the ones from ID or passport change.

Asked about how you can make an employee read the contract before signing, Ymerali presented the standard used by The Headhunter.

The method we apply in our office is that we leave the employee alone in the meeting room without any pen around. 15-20 minutes are enough and after this one of the company representatives sits with the candidate or employee, to explain in detail every part of the contract. About the technical details, it is very important for the pen to be blue.

Faced with the concern that the new generation in Albania and abroad does not read, Ymerali added: “It is a general tendency of us as Albanians, maybe inherited by earlier generations. It is very important in this case that it should be the employer who should inform the candidate that they should read every part of the contract, positive and negative since the beginning, to avoid surprises. The contract isn’t too long; it is drafted using simple language, excluding those cases when the employer is trying to deceive the employee. If we talk about a fair relationship from which both parties want to benefit, the employer is there to explain and should help and the employee should use the work code, to refer and check if an article or a certain word is expressed or not exactly as in the work code.