USAID’s representative visits The Headhunter’s offices

USAID’s representative for Albania, Mrs. Cate Johnson paid an informal visit to The Headhunter’s offices in Tirana. Accompanied by her colleague, Mrs. Zhaneta Shatri,  Mrs. Cate Johnson met the company staff and was also informed about the project’s performance so far by the project director Mr. Besart Kondi, and technical support expert Mr. Elton Ilirjani, who is also the company founder.

Mrs. Johnson was very enthusiastic about project implementation and its perspective and put emphasis on the directing team’s motivation, assuring her about the project’s success.

People first project will train 2000 young people, who will get a genuine professional in tourism sector and will make sure to put focus on women and vulnerable social groups.

The project will take place in four main touristic areas in Albania, such as Korca, Shkodra, Vlora and Durres.

The hotel in Dhermi is already chosen, and it will serve as a Tourism Academy where the most talented candidates will put to practice the knowledge gained during the training, serving to real clients.

Also, the curricula that will be used to train and certify the candidates is already developed by the best sector experts.

Trainees, will gain the knowledge by Vocational Training Centers, also in private restaurants and hotels, and The Headhunter has signed an understanding agreement’s with more than 100 of such companies, focused on employing all trainees, something that all companies included are interested in.

Mrs. Johnson also said that Albanian youth are the ones who make her feel full of hope and the country’s future should be focused on them.

Symbolically, project director Mr. Besart Kondi and USAID’s representative Mrs. Johnson cut a cake, with the project logos on it.

Mr. Ilirjani thanked Mrs. Johnson for the support and showed her The Headhunter’s inspiration from the United States, where The Headhunter lately created its new branch.

Mrs. Johnson said she is ready for her maximal support for the project’s progress.

Mrs. Shatri meanwhile put emphasis at the fact that the financial support USAID has given is because it believes in The Headhunter’s expertise and both have agreed that this project should continue through the years to have a big impact on employment encouragement.