The key that will open the doors to any job/ Elton Ilirjani’s inteview for Monitor magazine

Elton Ilirjani, founder of The Headhunter Group

What profession has been the most requested during 2016?

There have been a number of professions actually, which have been very requested. Starting from the ones that require high qualifications to the ones with average and low qualification. There aren’t many job seekers looking to get hired in the private sector in jobs such as engineers, mechanics, plumbers or carpenters. These professions, being very rare, cause the ones who work in these positions to be overloaded with requests or to be self-employed, so it is not necessary for them to be part of the job-search market. Most requests from job-seekers are for positions such as lawyer, human resources specialist, but also for drivers, cooks and especially for call centers, which, although are high in number, are always part of new employments.  We also face a number of requests from students from law or social sciences, who are not clear what job they should look for. This year many girls expressed their wish to become stewardesses abroad. We recruited 20 of them only in the last month and we will recruit the same number or even more during February.

Which profession has the most job offers?

Sectors such as marketing, finance and banking always have something to offer. So, the ones specialized in accounting or finance with knowledge on marketing, have a higher probability to be employed. As said lately by Bill Gates, “Top three skills of the next five years will be the ones who have basic knowledge about informatics, mathematics and economy”. You don’t have to necessarily be a software developer or system developer, but, having some understanding on these fields, will be the key that will open more and more “job doors” in the future. Anyway, we shouldn’t leave behind craft works, because being a plumber, a carpenter or an electrician today is also a good chance to get a job.

Which professions have the highest salaries?

The ones with high qualifications and experience surely have the best economic treatment. Prestigious international companies, which are our clients or our partners, offer higher wages compared to the market or compared to what Albanian companies of the same profile offer.

What is your prediction for the job market for next year?

Next year will be undoubtedly better for the job market. Our company is looking to train through our project “People first” which has already begun, financed by USAID and Sweden government, 2 thousand young people and women, focused on the tourism sector. Hotels, restaurants and touristic bars where experts will train them, will be the first ones interested to hire these youngsters.  We will be the intermediaries and we will work focused on achieving maximal employment of all the trainees. Tourism is undoubtedly the future of economic stability in Albania and we’re going this way.

Most required professions in Albania for high and average levels

2.Information technology
4.Programme developer
8.Production/Chemical industry

(Note: This is a list created by the recruitment companies’ orientations and not by a proper market research.)

Average salaries for some of the professions

Financial chief –  3,000-4,000 euros

Finance specialist –  800-1,000 euros

Human resources director –  1,500-2,000 euros

IT engineer –  1,000-2,000 euros

Civil engineer –  10,000 euros

Mechatronics –  1000 euros

Cuisine chief –  800-1000 euros