The HeadHunter, now in Texas USA too

The Headhunter group, starting from January 1st 2017, does not only have a regional profile, but has now moved its activity to a global level.

Starting from the date mentioned above, The Headhunter has legally registered its branch in the United States of America, marking this way, maybe a unique case for an Albanian enterprise, taking its activity and being physically present in an inspirational country seen as a bright light of making business worldwide.

Now with “The Headhunter Karriera, LLC”, The Headhunter will start its activity in Houston, Texas, as a limited liability company.

After its branch in Athens created not long ago, with its reach as far as USA, one can surely say The Headhunter is making a dream come true, “The American Dream.”

Congratulations for this achievement go to the founder of The Headhunter, Mr. Elton Ilirjani and also to the never-tired and dedicated staff of this company.