The HeadHunter, a Story of Success

The Headhunter  is an innovative recruiting group that can source the most potential candidates for your company. We always go the extra mile when it comes to helping people find their dream jobs and provide companies with the best HR services.

 Except headhunting and recruiting, we offer services such as staff leasing, training, total outsourcing, salary mapping, market research, HR consulting, mystery shopping and a lot more.

The Headhunter’s offices are located all around the world. Our headquarters are located in New York, but our story of success doesn’t end here. Our offices and services are provided all over America and they even go way further than the US.

The Headhunter Group has offices located in Washington DC, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus and Serbia.

With over 800 clients and a highly trained and professional staff, The Headhunter Group is determined to provide efficient services and solutions suitable for any company.