Do you want to help your business by providing professional employer services designed to reduce your labor expenses?


If the answer is YES, than STAFF LEASING service is what you need.

Has your company or organization ever considered staff leasing? The HeadHunter can be your Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

The qualified team of The Headhunter can act fast and provide personnel solutions for your company/organization from the perspective of highly skilled and high-quality employees.

The Headhunter is able to provide ready-to-go staff for your operations, while handling the burden and responsibility of employing these talented persons. The Headhunter will employ said persons on your behalf and manage all recruitment, payroll, and regulatory matters, while your company will operate its business as effectively as possible, saving time and money and increasing the ability to provide value added services.

We become responsible for the administration, filing and compliance for your employees.
This provides a support system for your current Human Resource Department, allowing you more time to focus on growth, selection and employee development.

By streamlining your personnel cost through vendor consolidation and offering a comprehensive employee benefit package, we become your trusted business advisory and partner, allowing you to concentrate on the business you know best – your own!

The staff leasing services include:

-Coordinate and finalize the selection of candidates in collaboration with the Client

-Complete administration and personalized service

-Guarantee that no additional claims may occur to your company from staff

-Management of job contracts with workers

-Management of salaries

-Registration/de-registration of all employees with the relevant authorities

-Issuing required documentation regarding to employment

-Payment of salaries to workers

-Consultancy to employees and reconciliation of work concerning occupation

-Clearance and payment of all operational costs (car rental, millage, daily allowance, cell phone, office rental, maintenance)

-All administrative responsibilities related to the services described above


Your advantages by using our Staff leasing service

-Cost saving on the administrative aspect of managing payroll, taxes, and any local reporting requirements

-Flexible Personnel levels

-Fixed Personnel costs are unchanged

-No extra costs for personnel search

-We become your trusted business advisor and partner

-This allows you to concentrate on the business you know best…your own

-HSE and other related trainings