New Prices and Global Recruitment Initiative!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the complications and the difficulties that it has brought, some of our clients are facing a lot of issues regarding hiring employees. This is the reason why The Headhunter Group has decided to offer significantly discounted prices to all our clients globally for the next 6 months for only the equivalent of 0.5 Gross salary of the employee, it has decided to suspend the practice of advance payments and it also has decided to guarantee longer for all recruitment extended up to 6 months.

The Headhunter Group also has taken one of the biggest and most positive initiative since the pandemic started, which is the successful implementation of our new Global Recruitment Initiative. This means that now, we create online teams of experienced recruiters depending on the needs of our clients, the industries they come from and the regions in which they are based. These teams will help you hire employees for any position you need to be filled in the fastest way possible!

We work internationally and we are always here for you! We have tried to ease the difficulties brought upon us so you can hire professional staff quickly and efficiently! Don’t let this opportunity slip. Contact us now and take advantage of this offer!