Index LGBTIQ : The Headhunter and UN Women award winners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Headhunter and UN Women winning companies estimate for inclusion and equality in employment

Awarding Ceremony for LGBTIQ Index Equality in Employment, organized by The Headhunter and UN Women was held yesterday evening in Sarajevo. Dm-drogerie markt and British Council won Gold prices, Center for “Investigative Journalism” prize “Silver” and price “Bronze” was awarded .

The ceremony was attended by representatives of local and foreign organizations, private companies and the international community. The awards were presented by David Saunders , representative of UN Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Britain’s ambassador – Edwards Ferguson , German Ambassador – Christiane Hohmann and CEO of the group The Headhunter – Elton Ilirjani.

“The index is prepared by the private sector to the private sector. It assesses the extent to companies and institutions address discrimination and promote equality in the workplace. As an index for equality in the workplace, UN Women will naturally have partnered with a company human resources to support the implementation of the Index, “said the representative of UN Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, David Saunders.

Saunders added: “I have no doubt that next year will see new companies will join the index, and, more importantly, I believe we will see improvement steps by companies to promote real equality and to protect rights and dignity of LGBTIQ candidates and employees. “

“The Headhunter Though the group has successfully implemented the Index for several consecutive years in the region, it is the first time we are doing this in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are very pleased with the support of partners from the international community who have realized the importance of this issue as well as domestic and foreign companies that have agreed to participate this year. It means a lot to us when the United Nations, the European Union delegation he or German, British, Japanese and representatives of other embassies publicly support us. Our goal is to double the number of participating companies next year and see positive developments in the internal practices of companies that will work next year, “ said CEO of the group The Headhunter, Elton Ilirjani. The LGBTIQ Equality Index is a project group The Headhunter, implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN Women office. The purpose of the implementation of the Index is to raise awareness about discrimination LGBTIQ community has in the workplace, and increase equality, diversity and other positive practices regarding candidates and employees

Published: 11:35 (GMT + 1), 13 December 2017