Ilirjani: Ways to stimulate employees in a successful company

In a live skype call from Rome in Italy where he is staying at the moment for work, The Headhunter founder, Elton Ilirjani, discussed today morning in the tv show Wake Up in Top Channel about the ways to motivate the employees and companies, so that they can perform in higher levels.

The show host Eno Popi asked Mr. Ilirjani if there are any changes in job-seeker’s expectations about the type of work and the work environment in Albania.

“In these last years 30% pay a lot of attention to the work environment and work conditions other than the salary. There is an increase in awareness also from managers, who give the right importance to their superiors. During the interview, they don’t only interview the job seeker, but also their possible future employer”, said Ilirjani, who has founded since 2002 the leading company related to employment in Albania, Greece, Kosovo and other Balkan countries which is now also present in the USA too.

Talking about the case discussed in the studio, where an Indian company owner had chosen to motivate his employees by giving them cars, Ilirjani said:

“In every business employees and managers should be partners with the owner. I treat some of my closest colleagues as business partners, even though they are not shareholders. They receive a good percentage for every success of the company, especially when this is not e result of their work. Of course, headhunting business seeks for luxurious cars, nice clothes, so this is necessary”.

Ways to motivate the employees

Talking about another case, when the boss had chosen to motivate his employees by giving them cash, Ilirjani emphasized:  “In a job interview, I always tell the interviewed ones to not only be interviewed, but to interview the company too. Everything is image, but you cannot just give cash, everything should be done according to law. Services need a smile, a clean and curated image”.

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