Ilirjani: Unique opportunity, this is how we are going to hire 2.000 youth

Tourism and employment are a new, very positive reality in Albania.

The Headhunter Company is part of this trend.

To explain this better, Elton Ilirjani, founder of the training and employment company The Headhunter, was invited recently in the TV shows “Mesdite” and “Next” in Vizion Plus TV.

Ilirjani talked about “People First” project, co-financed by USAID, the Sweden government and The Headhunter, which aims to train and hire 2 thousand youngsters in the tourism sector.

“Working in tourism is in style right now, because being a cook, for example, means you may have a very high salary. The salary varies from 2 to 4 thousand euros.” – said Ilirjani.

“We offer training and employment in 8 profiles. There is even a new profession in this sector, which is the one of maintenance technician, but unfortunately all young people want to graduate in law, or be actors, or host a show just like you today here” – continued Ilirjani.

“There are jobs for IT, for electricians, pool maintenance, water quality control which also means testing usage of equipment.  Unfortunately, out of 1000 quotes announced so far, we are still at half of them. Therefore, I advice all youngsters to apply immediately by sending a CV at [email protected]”, – stressed the leader of The Headhunter.

Related to this hesitance of youngsters to benefit from the free training and paid internship, Ilirjani noted:

“They have lost their faith in employment, or they believe they should pay to get a job, by bribing. This is wrong, because we have 1 thousand openings for this year and 1 thousand more for next year. This partly a matter of laziness also

 In the end they should think seriously about their career. In some cases the system does not work, and it is not their fault, but in our case we are not requiring previous experience from these candidates. All we need is for them to be at the age needed for working. We also have the Tourism Academy in Dhermi, called HH Boutique Hotel and the best students will be paid to work and serve the clients there”.Related to how the employment of these 2 thousand young people will be done, Ilirjani noted:

“We also have memorandums of understanding with 400 hotels and restaurants, where these people will be hired, in all seacoast. So they will have a six-week long training and a nice experience during summer with their internships. Someone will manage a hotel; someone will be a bartender and so on. It will be a unique experience and they will feel good. They should apply immediately at [email protected]. And they will have an internationally known certificate with USAID, Sweden Embassy, The Headhunter and Ministry of Social Welfare logo. Besides from the hotel manager profile, for 7 out of 8 other profiles a high school or primary school diploma is enough. They will be selected, they will be trained, and they will have a life opportunity. They will be paid 200 dollars during the internship and will have health insurance paid too.

“If a hotel such as Hilton comes to Albania, they will need many people and the youngsters will be ready, qualified. The trainings will take place in 5 cities and later the candidates will be hired wherever they want. They should not waste their time in political campaigns, instead they should go to professionals, worry about their career” – ended Ilirjani.

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