Ilirjani: Tourism Academy in Dhërmi, youth will be able to put knowledge into practice

Invited yesterday in the “Wake up” morning show in Top Channel, The Headhunter Founder, Elton Ilirjani discussed about latest salary trends and job requests in Albania.

Most paid professions listed by an article from Monitor magazine, were as follows: Economy/Finance, Information technology, Marketing, Software developer, Digital, Engineering, Mechatronics, Chemical industry/production etc.

Ilirjani said that “in fact, Finance and Economy may be the most requested, but they also are the professions with the highest turnover rate, within a year employees can move between two or three companies. On the other hand, software developing and mechatronics sector don’t have enough candidates, because there aren’t well prepared individuals in this profile. International companies turn to Kosovo for these cases. Mechatronics didn’t exist as a genuine branch in the University of Tirana 5-6 years ago. In this profile, the salary can go up to 3,000 euros for a skilled candidate. Given that our market is lacking in this direction, a big air bag company opened its factory in Macedonia”.

Asked by the show host Eno Popi if graduated youngsters vegetate or if there are changes in the labor market, Ilirjani declared that The Headhunter is now engaged in a project supported by USAID and Sweden Government about tourism, which will train human resources for the 6 main professions of this sector.

“Over two thousand young men and women will be certified. We will have a new academy; a Tourism Academy in Dhërmi, where candidates trained by us will be serving to real clients. It is not a good thing to be a Law graduate and work as a waiter, or graduate in Economy and work as a taxi driver. There should be professional education for that. The job market is not only looking for IT. Today we are lacking in food production experts. I have a few clients, who are aware that there are only 2-3 experts moving from one company to another”.

Ilirjani talked specifically about the salaries point of the article, where it says that chefs are paid between 800-1000 euros.

“Real Chefs are very few in number – said The Headhunter founder – because being a chef doesn’t mean grabbing the pan and cook fish badly in Dhërmi. To be a chef one should really be certified. I do not know for example any chef with an international license about hygiene. We will provide about that in our Tourism Academy”.

About salaries and the part about finance chief paid 3,000-4,000 euros, Ilirjani emphasized that:

“These numbers aren’t real. Mechatronics, that was said to get around 1,000 euros, can go up to 4,000 euros, because there are many requests for this profile and very few candidates. Civil engineering should be specified if it is about infrastructure or if it’s about an international company or a construction yard in Tirana, in order for us to say if 1,000 euros is the right salary. Meanwhile, in this article one of the most paid professions was the one of human resources manager, but the demand for this profile is very low. As per finance chief, the declared salary of 3,000 to 4,000 euros is exaggerated.“

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