Ilirjani Changing the timetable of the administration, the visionary project of the Prime minister

It has recently been discussed about an Albanian government project to change the work schedule of public administration.

It is discussed that the new timetable will be extended until 17.30, with a full lunch break hour for employees.

To talk about this topic, the founder of The Headhunter, Elton Ilirjani, was invited yesterday on Albanian public television on the “Good Morning Albania” show.

Asked about this project, Ilirjani expressed his full agreement:

” I think this is one of the most successful reforms the country’s prime minister will do, while I am not politically oriented, I am among the people who have never voted for any party. But the Prime Minister has thought well. I think it’s a solution and a right one. “

“Because our hard-working administrate,” Ilirjani continued, ironically, “takes a break even for one, two or three hours, and sometimes we cannot even find them in their offices. So socially I do not think it will have any major impact because they (employees) will find the opportunity to leave. The main thing I see here is that one hour of lunch break should be legitimized, because until now it has not been legitimized.

“I think it’s the right choice,” Ilirjani reemphasized his conviction. – All this venture, all this launch that the prime minister is making public-private partnerships make sense, because the private business closes at 17.30. We open at 09.00 and close at 17.30. It would be a good thing for the public-private cooperation to work, not to go at 17.00 or 15.49 and find no one in the administration. We may need documentation, at the last moments we may need changes to NIPT. There are foreign investors who are surprised that people leave at 15.00. “

Asked whether this would mean that the administration employees should never eat undisturbed, Ilirjani replied:

“There are many reasons for this. He (Prime Minister) is a visionary person when it comes to employment, as far as I know him, I don’t know about the rest. Regarding business in Albania, it would be of great help to have an administration that finishes work at 5.30 pm; how the state chooses to regulate this, whether or not the employees are satisfied who I believe are not as busy as people working in private business, that’s another job. I see that candidates ask me to get them jobs in the administration because they are not used in private businesses where the boss is demanding, where the schedule becomes super schedule, where you work Saturdays and Sundays and does nobody knows and sometimes get paid less than the administration. The gentlemen in the administration should understand that we are walking with the pace of time, we are an emancipated business and we want an emancipated administration “.

Asked if it would be up to him, how he would arrange the work schedule, Ilirjan said:

“I would do my best for Albania. I understand the concerns, but this is a right decision, also seen from the region I work, compared to 7 countries in the region where I am a leader. It gives the administration tempo, which should not be drowsy. The Albanian state should be made at the same rate with which the Albanian private business is made. This schedule will imply more, will make them more responsible (employees). I know that in Macedonia there is an hour and a half or two hours break per day to go feed their babies. This is not an extension of the timetable, this is a change in the timetable”  – concluded CEO of the largest employing company in the region his intervention at RTSH.   

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