Ilirjani: 13th salary and bonuses, based on performance

The Founder of the recruitment and training company, The Headhuhter sh.p.k, Mr. Elton Ilirjani, had a video connection with the morning show “Wake Up” on Top Channel television, where it was present also Ervin Mete, Deputy Minister of Finance and Kol Nikollaj, head of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania.

Mr. Ilirjani talked about the year-end bonuses either in the public sector, as well as private.

According to Mr. Ilirjani, private sector has been profuse in five recent years, in terms of the 13th salary or benefits to year-ending.

Mr. Ilirjani said that anyway it is a relationship regulated by contract and that there could not exist benefits or rewards if they are not clearly defined in the employment contract.

“Awards should be in proportion to the achievements. There cannot be no bonuses in the private sector, when there are gains. The reward should go to those who deserve it, it should not be given to charity. “

Asked from the director of the show Eno Popi, if this meritocracy rewards should only be in the private sector or in the public too, Mr. Ilirjani stated: “Competition should be in every institution. I am against populism of year-end, during the elections or after the elections phases. We should have a culture of remuneration based on personal achievements. Some business is understanding that, is adopting, they have decided the merit system. Those who deserve will get the bonus. In USA or Britain, do not exist mass populist rewards, but only performance bonuses. International companies in Albania have bonus systems, while some Albanian companies continue to consider it like charity, or give it for the turkey of the New Year, that remains populism of course.”