How To Stand Out In A Virtual Work Environment

Although some companies are beginning to let their employees return to their offices given that states are now reopening across the U.S., many organizations are still following stay-at-home orders and allowing employees to work remotely amid COVID-19.  While it may seem difficult to stand out within your organization as a top-performing employee, especially when working from home, there are ways you can set yourself apart from the pack. Here are three ways to stand out in a virtual work environment. 

Prep ahead of time for team meetings and syncs

It’s essential to come prepared for every one of your 1:1 syncs and team meetings. Be sure to create an agenda beforehand, even if it’s just for your eyes. In a virtual environment, it’s easy to be lax, but you want your team and coworkers to see that you’re organized and can streamline meetings. Aside from creating agenda items for meetings, provide ideas that can further propel your business forward. You can also brainstorm possible solutions to your team’s problems. To provide value, it’s essential that you’re able to make your manager’s job easier and help your organization achieve success. 

Be sure to practice transparent and concise communication

Consistently clear and open communication is the key to success within the workplace, especially when working remotely. It’s critical to be proactive when communicating project updates or advocating for more direction regarding a task. If you don’t hear from a colleague regarding an update that you were expecting to receive, follow up with your teammate. As a next step, suggest recurring meetings to streamline communication and keep the project on task for completion. 

When working virtually, it’s imperative to keep your colleagues informed on your progress regarding tasks and larger projects. To eliminate confusion and chaos, take a break from the Slack channel and pick up the phone or schedule a Zoom touch base. 

Every communication you have with your colleagues is an opportunity to develop and nurture your work relationships. The more rapport you establish with individuals, the more they will respect you, enjoy working with you and remember you for future projects. 

Pitch new ideas and projects outside of routine tasks

Now is the perfect time to demonstrate your value not only to your manager but also to your organization as a whole. Pitch new ideas and projects outside of your typical tasks and responsibilities to strengthen your skillset and round out professional development.