How To Deal With An Uncommunicative Boss When Working Remotely

Even in the best of times, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your manager, given how busy both your schedules are. Working remotely during COVID-19 can make you feel more out of touch with your manager. Although you’ve been able to keep in touch with your boss via Zoom calls and Slack chats, you still may feel less connected. If you’re wondering how to form a personal and deeper relationship with your boss who isn’t good at communicating, try our tips below.

Show appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated, even a boss who may seem self-contained or distant. Try to understand how your manager might be struggling with working from home by thanking them for helping to make the transition easier for you and your team.

Update your boss consistently on your projects

One of the most accessible and most useful ways to connect is to reach out and share an update on a project that is moving forward and your daily weekly workload. It’s your job as your manager’s direct report to make sure they’re aware of your professional progress and the projects that you’ve spearheaded. Show your manager that you can be proactive by reaching out first with an in-depth update on your workflow; they will be inspired by your commitment and will look forward to receiving your updates weekly. If you don’t have a 1:1 sync meeting on the calendar with your manager, now is the time to place reoccurring syncs on the calendar. 

Provide some of your ideas to the table

Reconnect with your supervisor by offering up an idea for a new project that will add to your organization. Regardless of your level at the company, you should seize the opportunity to bring forth ideas to enhance your role and value. Although your management and organization might be struggling with the challenges of the pandemic, you can keep the pulse on solutions within your control. Most managers will be pleased to see that you are solutions orientated and can provide out of the box thinking for future projects and initiatives.

Share your wins

Lastly, another way to connect with your manager is to share some substantial wins in the workplace. Say you’ve been working remotely on a few client projects, and you’re feeling down because your boss hasn’t shown much interest in your efforts. Today you heard from a client who said, “We’re all in. Let’s proceed.” Your boss likely would love some good news if they have only been hearing about the need for cost control amid diminishing revenues and shifts in the organization.