Health and Safety at the workplace, The Headhunter training in the Port of Durres goes on

Since October, our company is implementing a training program for safety and health at work, with all employees of the Port Authority of Durres.

Both the administration and operational staff, were trained on topics that directly affect their health and safety at work, ergonomics, measures to be taken for prevention of fires, providing first aid, evacuation, psycho-social risks at work, and other risks depending on the profile sector of employees.

Some moments of the training activities are published on the portal of the Port Authority, which writes that “… on the offices of PAD the training related to safety and health at work continue, according to the legal obligation of Albania, to all public institutions to train workers … their training on this subject applies to all employees of the port, from the administration, to the security staff, the workshops, metal lifter, firefighters etc. It will last 6 months and will be carried out by the company HeadHunter Group. “