Good boss or bad boss? Here is what The Headhunter expert thinks

Invited in the TV show “Pasdite ne Top Channel”, recruiting expert in The Headhunter, Iris Bajo, along with other participants in the show, discussed the subject of “Good boss or bad boss”, related closely to employer-employee relationship.

Asked about what it means to be a bad boss, Bajo answered by saying that there is not an absolute term for “bad”, but, when the supervisor does not know how to manage the staff, he is definitely a bad boss.
How is the adaption between the employer and employee treated during the recruiting process?

“We listen to what companies want, we advise them, and see the candidate’s personality, if it fits the required criteria” – said Bajo.
Asked about her position as a boss, Bajo said that at first she had a more aggressive approach as a leader, but with time, with experience, in a relationship with the third parties she became less aggressive.

Advise for all job seekers from Ms. Bajo was that when they look for a job, not to forget that besides receiving, they should give after all.

Meanwhile for the bosses in general, The Headhunter expert said they should respect the employees’ personality and not consider them as a property.

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