Diversity Story in Kosovo

“We are the difference and we make the difference”

Why the HeadHunter?

As a human resource company, the Headhunter issuing the ratings provides transparency, credibility, and technical expertise. In this way, all stakeholders can have confidence that the results are based on verifiable data and without political interference.

The HeadHunter Group is a premium human resources service provider to corporate and individual clients in North America and Europe. Its 150 human resources experts and specialists serve clients in its Huston, Texas headquarters as well as in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
Its main avenues of service are headhunting, recruitment, staff leasing, training, market research, and salary surveys.

Living out its commitment to workforce and workplace diversity, dignity, and fair employment for all, the Group also operates the LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index in all Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
It has subsidiaries including Karriera, an online job posting site, and has founded a corporate foundation, Rini Albania Foundation. It is currently implementing a job training and placement USAID- founded project, People First, in Albania.