Covid 19 HR advice support for businesses

We are well aware how much of a negative impact the coronavirus has brought upon us. And since it being not only health related, our businesses have been experiencing a major setback during this crisis.

Recognizing all of this, the Headhunter Group has shown itself to be determined to help our clients to find their way through this unfortunate situation.

The way we plan to help your businesses, is this: We are more than honored to offer you advice and support on these topics, but not only:  Personalized Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Covid-19, Maintain Healthy Business Operations, Reopening businesses- Measures to be taken. We are also open and willing to be helping you with other daily issues, such as: workplace mediation and all aspects of HR disciplonaries, resolving difficult employee conflicts providing practical solutions and where necessary bringing legal advice on options; Developing and implementing companies restructures and redundancies and a lot more.

Our training package to handle the situation that has been created by COVID19 includes: Practical Guide to Manage Remote Work, Building Resilience in the face of a crisis, Lead with emotional Intelligence, Lead you business through the coronavirus crisis, Inclusive leadership, Great Feedback, Performance Coaching and Mindfulness- Why we should all seek calm among others.

This will all be possible because our HR services team has wide experience advising companies during their most critical times. We guarantee that we will assist you with your questions as fast and as efficiently as possible!