Call for Albanian Jobseekers! Recruiters ask for his / her CV! They lie in many cases!

In these last days of 2017 I want to reopen a very important topic for Albanian jobseekers!

I was reading some articles online and found some charges for some “employment” companies in our labor market. I was very sorry to see and read an open mockery with Albanian jobseekers. Employment has been and will remain for some time a hot topic in our country. In many cases employment is used to make money, gain power, earn good, become humor, or deceive!

Albania is the last country in the Balkans region with regard to the control that the state should make to the employment companies. In our country we see employment companies that open within 1 hour, when to get a license in Macedonia, our company took more than 1 year and after 4 years of activity providing human resources consultancy. I’m not suggesting that in Albania to be so long the process, but at least there is a line of appreciation and integrity representing these people who create these companies. The employment companies will have to have at least 3 people on their payroll at the opening of the company and have a special education, have a bank guarantee and another state monitoring process.
The head of the office should have transparent and approved experience from previous employers, because if a recruiter lies in his CV, imagine how reliable he / she is and what the product will bring to companies and candidates.

There are scandals, and then the owners of the employment companies that have stolen Albanians are arrested, others are being beaten, others who violate the contracts and open their failed fungus based on fraud, others steal the candidates with this “administrative fee” wonders happen in our country, and generally, with very small exceptions, all the owners and executives of these companies have the lowest ethics in the market and very much doubt they have read a book in their lives, and think they can read one CV? Understand it? To evaluate someone? To analyze someone’s moral when they are self-immoral and steal and continue to steal what is called the “intellectual property” of those who work?

I do not want to stretch anymore, because the market is full of “bad things” but I want to give some advice to jobseekers:

  • Before interviewing a job company seeking to show the activity license, you must be a job company, at least two years in the market.
  • Search a recruiter’s CV and search the market if they have lied about their CV, there are many who lie about their experiences. I’m not telling you anything like a recruiter, believe me!
  • Do not accept paying any Lek. The law prohibits the payment of jobseekers. If you are asked for money, report to the police.
  • Look for transparency in the process, and do not want to be just a number.
  • Look for information on the terms of the contract you will have with your next employer.
  • Ask the employer for details if the company for which you are recruiting is serious and does not clean the money, does not cheat on salaries and is not in bankruptcy. Do a search before deciding to get hired.
  • The smaller and the younger you are the employer, the more risks you have to hire a fraudulent or unedited company, or the debt, because small and new employment companies want money and make deals with any company knocking at the door.
  • Companies that hire out: treat contracts with state offices and provide information to your lawyer. Do not sign immediately. There are serious companies who hire out, but there are also small companies cheating to make money. Do not fall prey to tricks and dramas in your life.
  • Know your rights as citizens of the Republic of Albania! Do not make numbers to enrich others who do not deserve it.
  • Do not accept to make interviews with cameras or at least be clearly marked as you are recording.
  • Do not accept to become actors of any instant video or production. The recruitment process should be serious and unbiased and cautious.

In conclusion, being in this market for many years, apologizing for some “cheating” colleagues who use you, it hurts my soul to look at a former cleaner (with all due respect for this honorable profession) to be recruiting sorry to see a deceitful after a phantom company stealing money and deceiving you with outsourcing, sorry that there are recruits that just are not, and you decide your future!

I am here, report to me every event or injustice, I will be near you at every step against these robbers and robbers, together we will report to the police, together we will go to the state offices.

Denonch now and search your career clean and safe!