Answering ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’

When interviewing for a job, an employer often uses icebreaker questions to learn more about you and your interest in their company. By preparing for these kinds of questions, you can come up with more thoughtful responses that are more authentic to who you are. One common question you may need to answer is ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself.’ Here we further discuss why employers ask this interview question and strategies you can use when answering it.

Why employers ask ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’

Employers ask, ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’ to learn more about your personality. They may also use it to ease into the interview before asking more challenging questions. This question gives you the perfect opportunity to emphasize an interesting fact or skill about yourself. Likewise, you can use it to share a cool experience. Crafting a unique, memorable response can help you stand out among other candidates.

How to answer ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’? Follow these steps to more successfully answer ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’:

Reflect on major life experiences

Use this question as an opportunity to highlight any interesting experiences you have. You could discuss things like major accomplishments, travels, volunteer experiences, unique skills, or any hobbies you enjoy. Choose one that especially stands out and makes you a memorable candidate.

Relate your answer to the job

Although the actual interesting fact doesn’t have to relate to the job, your answer should somehow connect the two. For instance, if you studied abroad, you could say that experience has helped you become more independent and adaptable. Likewise, if you shared that you love photography, you could say how this hobby inspires more creative thinking.

Find a balance between professional and fun

This question is simply a lighthearted way employers can kick off the interview and get to know about your personality. When choosing an answer, you can keep it fun and even a little humorous. Of course, you should also keep it professional, so only share work-appropriate facts about yourself.