Albanian stewardess in Kuwait – Zamira’s testimony and breaking certain myths

In today’s show “Mesditë” in Vizion Plus, where invited were the founder of The Headhunter Elton Ilirjani and Sokol Kondi as part of the company staff, Zamira Demollari, one of the many girls selected from Headhunter to become a stewardess for Kuwait Airways, considered this job “a once in a lifetime opportunity”, a job that she got thanks to her own merits and the opportunity offered by The Headhunter.

In this show, Zamira also testified that The Headhunter is concrete evidence of breaking certain myths that may characterize certain employing companies in Albania, some of which are “ghost companies” that make job seekers lose faith in finding a job.
Firstly, Zamira declared that she managed to find a job without anyone to help her, right after her first application in portal, owned by The Headhunter ltd.

Second, one should keep in mind that The Headhunter does not ask for any payments or fees from the job seekers, for the job they get. The Headhunter offers this service for free.

Meanwhile, the recruiting process for other stewardesses continues, therefore all interested candidates should apply before February 28th 2017 at
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