Ilirjani: Tourism, an opportunity for a sustainable career

Invited in the TV Shows “Good morning Albania” in TVSH and Wake Up in Top Channel, dates 7th and 9th of June 2017, the founder of The Headhunter Group, Elton Ilirjani, made a determined call for young people to participate in the tourism sector training, where employment and developing a stable career is more certain.

Asked as to why there is an increase in the number of youngsters who go to work but are not satisfied with their salaries according to INSTAT, Ilirjani said: “The problem is that most of the time they are faced with family businesses who do not treat them quite professionally. Everyone wants to get a job with lots of money very quickly in professions such as journalist, lawyer or deputy. But in fact, tourism is the only industry that will give young people a very stable future”.

But will this be available for those who have a university degree in another field?

According to Ilirjani, there is no problem for someone who has studied law, to become a good manager in a prestigious hotel.

“Anyone who holds a university degree can be a manager of a big resort, manager of a five star hotel. In 5 years there may be great investments in Albania, there may be hotels such as Hilton etc and the salary may be very high.”

Talking about the People First Project, through which The Headhunter will train for free 2 thousand young people in 8 different positions in the tourism sector and will then hire them in over 400 tourism businesses in Albania, Ilirjani made a call for the state structures with which The Headhunter is collaborating, to be ready with their working-groups.

Emphasizing some of the tourism sector problems, Ilirjani said: “We do not have well-organized structures to train youngsters in the tourism sector”.

According to him: “The most important thing is for young people to believe in the tourism industry. So, working in tourism is in style nowadays, because that is the future. Cooks nowadays can have 3 to 4 thousand euros of salary and have a certain status”.

Ilirjani also brought up the Tourism Academy innovation in Dhermi, made by The Headhunter, where many talented youngsters will complete their internships.

“It is an idea that comes from an experience in Glasgow. The problem is many young people are not motivated to work because they are disappointed and have lost their faith. But to employers, this is a big favor. In two years there will be 2 thousand people all qualified in tourism with international certification with important logos such as USAID or the Sweden Embassy, Ministry of Social Welfare and National Employment Service.

Employers should also understand that investing in people is never an extra cost, it is an investment with a double or triple return rate”– concluded Ilirjani by making a call to all of the interested individuals to send their CVs ad [email protected] to benefit from this free training, paid internship and certain employment in tourism businesses provided by The Headhunter.

For more, you can watch the videos of these two shows in the links below: