Looking for opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees or personal development?


“We recruit for attitude and train for skill.”

Since 2012, the team of The Headhunter has provided the most impacting and attractive training programs for numerous clients all over the Balkan countries.

The Headhunter can help your company by designing and creating customized development programs, to reflect the specific objectives, organizational situation and market position.

We invest in the detailed research of the needs and the defining of the expected effect.

We carry out practically-oriented interactive trainings, whose final aim is to achieve a change in the behavior of the participants.

Learning through experience is based on self-assessment, insights, feedback on behavior, active experimenting and practicing of specific skills. Our training programs are built to create a long-term EFFECT at the participants

Our training modules are the most innovative on the market and the most of our experts are from USA and EU countries. We also have best local trainers on board. Our modules cover all the industries in our country and lead towards success.

We give your employees the skills and knowledge they need to perform better and achieve ever-higher objectives on the job. The HeadHunter customizes each training so that they are designed
and delivered with a specific learning outcome in mind. Using adult learning, interactive, and fun methodologies, each training focuses on enhanced skills and tools so that your employees will perform more effectively and efficiently on the job.


Trainings are always customizable but generally include:

-Leadership and managerial skills (delegation, feedback and
performance management, goal setting and control on
implementation, change management, coaching, and decision-

-Sales skills (effective sales presentations, questioning and
defining the client’s needs, meeting objectives, managing difficult
clients, consultative skills, persuasion)

-Recruitment and selection

-On-boarding and talent development


-Evaluation and feedback

-Team building

-Customer care

-Conflict management and resolution

-Time management and personal effectiveness

-Customized other trainings such as first aid, fire protection, and health and safety on the job


How our programs are working?

-Development of the program is done in collaboration with your company in order to best meet your company learning objectives;

-We evaluate your company’s specific needs in relation to the method of learning, which can be an online one if the client requires.

-We select a place which fits the learning objectives and the program. We can organize the training program at anytime, anywhere the Client is asking.

-An after-training program is designed for all participants who still needs to perform better