Interested in outsourcing the management of the entire range of Human Resources processes?


We can manage a whole range of human resources functions that you might otherwise outsource to multiple providers - these functions include everything from payroll processing, benefit plan management and administration to recruiting, training and more - all our services in one.

Are you a company or organization which aims to react fast to the new challenges and market developments? Then don’t waste your time but get advantages of the Total Outsource Service of the Headhunter.

It’s active, competitive, and very customer oriented one. Through this service your company/organization does not need to establish a local entity and still can operate in a particular country.  Partnering with The Headhunter can provide you with fast solutions in a new country while complying with all the local regulations. You can focus on your day to day main core activities, keep structural and overhead costs low, and reduce any potential risks related to new investments – which can be financial, political or legal one.

Total outsourcing is by far the most common form of client–provider relationship. Total outsourcing involves the complete hiving-off of one or more activities by the outsourcing firm for a set period of time. Control of the outsourced activities, and their administration, are passed over to the service provider.


Your advantages by using our Total Outsource service:

-Take advantage of technological development;

-Outsource due to a lack of internal experience;

-Outsource to improve accuracy;

-Outsource to improve compliance;

-Outsource to focus on strategy;

-Skilled professionals who are particularly focused on HR;

-Business should concentrate on a strategic level of the company and avoid unnecessary expenses;

-You make sure you comply with local regulations 100%;


An organization’s human resources department is responsible for a variety of functions. Human resource departments oversee employee payroll and tax filing as well as employee benefit and health administration. Businesses that outsource HR functions receive several advantages that support the company’s bottom line.

We also offer Off Shore Outsourcing service by taking care of your recruitment, payroll, payments to suppliers, office, accounting, administration, archiving, marketing and provide all other services you might need.