Ymerali: The respect of the employees rights within the Headhunter

Invited in the morning show “Mirmëngjes Shqipëri”, in the public Albanian television, co-administrator of The Headhunter, Eranda Ymerali, talked about some of the problems faced the most in the labor market, when it comes to the employer-employee relationship, based on the Work Code and contracts.

Mrs. Ymerali, human resources expert said that the employee should pay more attention to his rights and obligations to the employer.

She mentioned an example related to The Headhunter policies, when it comes to signing a contract with an employee. “Our policy is to give enough time to the employee to read the contract before signing, we leave him alone for 15-20 minutes in one of our offices, because not everyone has the information needed.”

Continuing with the discussion, the conversation also focused on dismissing employees for political reasons.

“In the private sector, there are less dismissals based on politics and in this case the relationship is 100% regulated by the Work Code”

Anyway, there are cases when scandalous contracts are signed. 90% of them violate the Work Code. There are also cases when only one written copy is signed”, and not two as required by law, said The Headhunter representative.

Mrs. Ymerali put the emphasis also on a case where the companies deal with violations of the contract by the employee. “There are employees, who, without respecting the years predicted by the contract, create enterprises identical with the ones they used to work for, therefore, damaging the companies they worked for. In this case, the companies have all the rights to take the case to court and win it.”

Lastly, about the efficiency and the way of working in Albania, asked if the Albanian employees can be considered as “not so dedicated” to work, Mrs. Ymerali said that “In the Balkan Countries, there is a tendency to not be automated with the job and this is not a phenomenon we can only find in Albania. In Albania, there are cases when the employee works 44 hours, but with low performance, and this is also influenced by the social and economic development of a country. Albania will move forward, things will get better, but it takes time. Individuals should realize that work is responsibility, not just 8 hours to pass time and get a salary. The employee should not abuse with everything he’s been given.