RINI Albania envisions an Albanian youth who are free and encouraged to make a full contribution to their country’s future

It carries out its mission by developing, supporting, and protecting the skills, talents, and dreams of Albanian youth

“Rini Albania” Foundation, part of the The HeadHunter Group, will launch in the coming months the implementation of a training project and awareness on “Creating a culture of complaining relying on Albania Anti-Discrimination law”. Non-profit organization, registered with the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.  We began our work in February 2015 with a strong commitment to involve and serve young Albanians.  Our resources come from the corporate profits of Headhunter, as well as from institutional donors and individual supporters.

On focus of the project will be the discrimination in the workplace.
For this purpose, “Rini Albania”, in collaboration with important local institutions, will train and sensitize hundreds of potential job seekers and human resource managers of private companies in different cities of Albania.The HeadHunter Group will make continuous reports regarding the implementation of this very important event.

In our daily work at Headhunter, Albania’s largest human resource company, we saw that youth are eager to take on the challenges of a 21st Century workforce and economy.  They are eager, they have skills and talents, and they have fresh perspectives which Albania needs. Each deserves the equal opportunity to contribute, no matter their gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views, or any other factor about them as a person.  It was for this reason that we decided to invest some of our corporate profits to promote youth to grow into active, contributing citizens.  We know the most successful companies profit from diverse workforces, and we are dedicated to using some of our profits to ensure all youth have a place in the job market and an equal opportunity to contribute their talents.


RINI Albania Foundation focuses its efforts on ensuring that young Albanians have the equal education and employment opportunities they need to contribute to society and build positive, meaningful lives.  Young people have skills, talents, and dreams that our country needs for its future.  We believe that an Equal Opportunities Policy will ensure that all young people—regardless of their  gender including transgender, marital status, sexual identity, religion and belief, political opinion, race work pattern, age disability or HIV/AIDS status, socio-economic background, spent convictions, trade union activity or membership, on the basis of having or not having dependents, or any other irrelevant grounds—have an equal chance to contribute to their society, especially in the recruitment, retention, training, and development of staff.  We also believe that an Equal Opportunities Policy benefits employees and potential employees, partners, clients, and customers and helps achieve dignity at work as well as contributing to providing the best possible services to everyone.



Building a culture of compliance with the Anti-Discrimination Law in Albania (2015-2016)


RINI Albania promoted the knowledge and implementation of the 2010 Anti-Discrimination Law through a two-pronged approach targeting both human resource managers and Recruiters as well as employees and job-seekers.  With provision of seminars, best practices and informational material, the project increased the knowledge about the ADL and built momentum for compliance within Albanian companies.  With awareness sessions and extensive information on the ADL and discrimination reporting mechanism, the project built knowledge and capacities among rights holders (employees, job-seekers & future business leaders) to turn them into change makers in the work-place.  The project relied on RINI Albania’s expertise and partnerships with key stakeholders.  This project increased compliance of the ADL, combated discrimination and impunity and so contributed to a more democratic and inclusive Albania.  It was implemented in 2015-2016 with funding from the US Embassy in Tirana.



Career training and advising (2016)


In collaboration with ACA Tirana, Malteser Albania, the Community Intercultural Center, OMSA, and LGBTIQA Albania, RINI Albania’s career guidance-training project provided over 400 youth with seminars on how to successfully approach the labor market in a professional way.  It included: advice on CV writing and preparation for job interviews with participants taking part in role-plays to prepare for job interviews and reacting in a professional way to interviewer’s questions.  The project focused primarily on participants from minority groups such as Roma and Egyptian communities, vulnerable youth living sub-urban areas, marginalized and poor youth, as well as LGBTIQ people.  RINI Albania conducts these trainings with its own financing on an as-needed, as-requested basis.



Annual Photo Competition (2018-)


RINI Albania Foundation is launching its first annual photo competition for young people.  Each year during the summer, youth will submit their photos over social media and receive prizes for their entries.  The theme changes each year, so please check our social media and announcements for this year’s theme.  The winners are chosen by a combination of social media “likes” as well as their ability to impact others through photography.  Top photos will displayed each year publically and accompanied by a public launching of that year’s exhibit.


English Language for the Tourism Sector (2018-)


Following on The Headhunter’s successful training of young people for key jobs in the tourism sector, RINI Albania will design and deliver a short-course for job seekers and employees in the tourism sector to learn basic English related to their jobs.  This will enhance their ability to secure and maintain better paid jobs as well as to contribute to their career development.  Eventually, the course will be given to instructional institutions around Albania and made accessible.


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RINI Albania’s success depends on the support from people like you. We count on those who share our vision and want to share their skills, talents, and resources for the country’s youth and its future.



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RINI Albania welcomes the skills, talents, and time of volunteers.  Our volunteers make a real impact on the lives of youth and have fun doing it.  If you would to share your time in our work and events, kindly contact us and join our team.

We welcome volunteers to join with us in

  • Events (planning, advertising, and hosting)
  • Communicating our work to the public
  • Collecting data and conducting research on discrimination, youth employment, and youth perspectives
  • Mentoring of youth
  • Placing youth in internships
  • Other tasks which may be of interest to you


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Financial contributions from supporters like you are critical to serving youth and creating more opportunities for them to grow.  If you are interested in supporting RINI Albania financially, kindly contact us to take advantage of the options below.

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Join us at one of our upcoming fundraising and recognition events.  Each event is uniquely designed to recognize aspiring youth and their supporters.  Our events celebrate young people’s contributions to Albania’s future.

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RINI Albania connects aspiring youth to opportunities for jobs, internships, and apprenticeships in local companies and organizations.  If you are interested in providing youth with such an opportunity in your company or organization, kindly click hereto contact us.