Ilirjani in Belgrade: Employment, salvation for LGBTI

In one of the activities organized by UNDP in Belgrade, Serbia, the founder of The Headhunter, Elton ilirjani, introduced today the unique initiative ever taken from a private enterprise in Western Balkans, the one of the index of equality in the work place for LGBTI, which will be held this year for the second year in a row in Albania, with over 100 businesses surveyed, and with the most loyal of them which will be awarded again by The Headhunter.

During his speech, Ilirjani declared: “People of LGBTI community should not be victimized, they should have the courage to pursue a career and move forward”.

According to Ilirjani, these people are people just like anybody else and should compete with the same values and professional achievements.

According to Ilirjani, the solution of the people mentioned above is “Hiring people of LGBTI community, as this is the only salvation towards financial liberty and to avoid prejudices in family and society“.